Happy Home Building: Getting What You Want and Knowing What You’ll Pay

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Happy Home Building: Getting What You Want and Knowing What You’ll Pay

There are good surprises and bad surprises. Ever gotten an unexpected discount at a restaurant? That’s a good surprise. Maybe all your friends have thrown you a party on your birthday—also a good surprise.

Want to know what kind of surprises are not good? Unexpected costs. Especially when it comes to building or buying a home. A home is the largest investment most of us will ever make, and unexpected costs in that area can be huge.

Knowing What You’ll Pay

What if you could build a home exactly how you want it and know up-front exactly what it would cost you? What if you had a guarantee that the price you signed up for was exactly the price you’d end up paying on move-in day? That may sound like a dream, but isn’t that what we all really want?

At Lamb Homes, Inc., in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that’s what we offer you. We are the only builder in the area that offers a “no-change-order” guarantee. So when you sign a contract to build your custom home with us, you already know what it will cost you in the end. No surprises—at least not the bad kind!

Getting the Home You Want

If you’re a homeowner, you’ve most likely had the experience of searching for the perfect home. What most buyers find is that the perfect home is just not out there. Problem is, you’re searching through homes that were built with someone else in mind. That means you will most likely have to compromise—a lot.

In fact, when you’re looking at existing homes, you probably aren’t thinking you’ll find exactly what you want at all. You most likely assume you’ll have to remodel or end up settling for something that’s just ok. The good news is, you don’t have to do that.

Building Versus Buying

Unfortunately, many homeowners never consider building a new home because they believe they cannot afford it, but that’s not necessarily true. Building a new home can be much less expensive than buying.

First of all, the up-front cost of new construction is less than buying. According to Realtor.com, the average cost of buying a home in 2017 was around $148.00 per square foot. Compare that with $103.00 per square foot for new construction excluding the cost of land. Even after purchasing your lot, the all-in cost of your brand new home can still be significantly less than that of buying someone else’s.

Secondly, you have to assume a certain amount of maintenance cost with an older home, but not with a new one. Things like a new roof, heating & air and flooring commonly need to be replaced within the first few years. Finally, if

Still, aren’t custom homes much more expensive than even new “spec” homes? Don’t we pay extra for every little detail we want to change? Well, it may be time for another good surprise.

Our No Change Order Guarantee

Lamb Homes, Inc. is different than any other home builder. We have designed our entire custom home building process with you in mind. We provide you with the luxury of deciding exactly how your home will be built, and offer you the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly how much it will cost—in advance.

Our “no-change-order” guarantee means that once we have agreed on your budget number, we won’t surprise you with extra charges. You will not receive charges above the cost of the upgraded product or additional service. We will not charge you extra for changing your mind and will only require that any additional expense of materials or outside vendors be covered.

Working With Lamb Homes

At Lamb Homes in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we specialize in building you the home you want. We work with you throughout the process to design, plan, and construct your home according to your desires, and never charge you change order fees. Now you can enjoy the process of designing, planning, and building your new custom home with no surprises!

Working with our team, you’ll find that we thoroughly enjoy the custom design process, are attentive to all your input and concerns and have unmatched attention to quality control down to the smallest detail. We will build you the home you want, and you will know in advance what it will cost. Call us today at 918-289-3595 or click here to contact us for a free consultation.