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At Lamb Homes, we specialize in custom home building, residential development and commercial development, residential and commercial remodeling, and new construction. Delivering projects that support the growing Tulsa area, Lamb Homes considers the significance of custom homes and residential communities in years to come. Working with Lamb Homes, you’ll find a team that enjoys the custom design process, who are attentive to all client input and concerns and have unmatched attention to quality control down to the smallest detail.

What Makes Lamb Homes Unique?

At Lamb Homes in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we have designed our entire custom home building process with you, the homeowner in mind. We know that you want your home to meet your specific needs and reflect your vision, style, and personality. That attention to customer satisfaction alone makes us stand out among home builders in the area, but that’s not all that makes us unique.

Our “no-change-order” guarantee means that once we have agreed on your budget number, we won’t surprise you with extra charges. You will not receive charges above the cost of the upgraded product or additional service. We will not charge you extra for changing your mind and will only require that any additional expense of materials or outside vendors be covered.

We don’t depend on change order fees to pad our profits. We work with you to design what you want and help you realize your vision within your budget. We offer you not only the ability to have the home you want but to know what it will cost you from the beginning.

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